From the President’s Desk

Dear Friends,

Greetings from the Indian Stroke Association.

Stroke is the second leading cause of death amongst persons above 60 years of age, the 5 th leading cause of death amongst 15-59-year-old population and the leading cause of disability worldwide. 17 million people worldwide suffer a Stroke each year of which 6.2 million will die and 5 million will remain permanently disabled. 70% of these Strokes and 80% of Stroke deaths occur in lower and middle income countries including India due to a double whammy of poor preventive strategies and poor organization of Stroke management facilities with resultant non- availability of acute Stroke management to the larger rural and semi-urban population.

The Indian Stroke Association has been proactive in spreading awareness about prevention and management of Stroke both amongst the medical fraternity as well as the general public. The Indian Stroke Association has been regularly conducting CME’s including the annual ISA meeting, Stroke Summer School as well as a number of other CMEs to spread awareness amongst the medical fraternity about the latest advances in Stroke management. The Indian Stroke Association had the honor of conducting the World Stroke Congress (WSC) at Hyderabad in 2016. Additionally, a number of Public education programs including public health talks, educational videos and videos by celebrities have been circulated by the Indian Stroke Association for increasing awareness about Stroke recognition and management amongst the general public.

I have had the privilege of serving the Indian Stroke Association for the past 7 years, initially as the Secretary, and then as the Treasurer and last year as the Vice President. It is with a sense of humility and responsibility that I assume the office of the President of Indian Stroke Association since 17 March 2019. I remain indebted to you all for the faith and trust you have shown in me to lead the Indian Stroke Association.

We will make every effort to make further useful progress and further strengthen the Indian Stroke Association and reduce the burden of this devastating illness.

Dr. Vinit Suri

From the Secretary’s Desk

Dear all,

Indian Stroke Association is a leading scientific and professional organisation of stroke specialists of the country having more than 800 members in its fold. Stroke or Brain Attack as all of us know is one of the important causes of mortality and mortality in our country. Change in life style has contributed to the increased incidence of stroke,especially stroke in the young.

Indian Stroke Association has been working to improve the awareness about stroke, its early detection and management not only amongst the medical profession but the public at large. Recent advances in the management of acute stroke, rehabilitation and its preventive strategies have improved stroke care in the country to a large extent. ISA is working in collaboration with World Stroke Organisation (WSO), European Stroke Organisation (ESO) and Asia Pacific Stroke Organisation (APSO) to improve stroke care globally.

Looking forward for the valuable suggestions and contributions from all members of ISA to improve stroke care in our country.

Dr. V.G. Pradeep Kumar

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