The Indian Stroke Association welcomes submissions and nominations for The World Stroke Day Campaign Awards The purpose of this campaign award is to promote awareness of stroke recognition, prevention and treatment. After the world stroke day activities, you need to submit a write-up along with evidence like photos and videos which include

  • How your campaign contributed to achieving local stroke campaign objectives.
  • How the campaign used innovation and creativity to overcome local challenges and barriers.

Awards will be announced in the website and they will be awarded during the National Conference of Indian Stroke Association.

Award Categories

Individual Achievement Award (2 Awards)
This award category recognises individuals whose commitment, creativity and achievement have raised awareness of stroke prevention, treatment and care.

Best Campaign by an Organisation / Association (2 Awards)
This category intends to recognize the dedication and impact of organizations in overcoming the barriers and raise awareness of stroke prevention treatment and care issues among the public, healthcare professions and policymakers.

Judging criteria of the awards

  • The success of the campaign in reaching local objectives
  • Creativity and innovation in overcoming challenges and barriers
  • Campaign targeting, reach and impact

Submissions are open from October 30th – November 30th

To apply for an Award, click on the below button and complete the online application form.

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